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Banquets with a panoramic view of the Hermitage, Palace Bridge, Spit VO and Paul Fortress -

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From the windows of the restaurant offers a magnificent view - few restaurants of St. Petersburg can offer you something like this:

ресторан Анданте

Banquet room of the restaurant "Andante" is located on the waterfront - at any time you and your guests can go to the Neva, go down the steps to the dock and the water to make memorable pictures on the background of the world-famous landmarks - symbols of St. Petersburg on the UNESCO version. Banquet hall can accommodate up to 40-50 guests. This will be a dedicated area for the festive program and dancing. We organize events of 10-15 persons.

restaurant location (surrounded by "sharks" of the restaurant business) you will find a paradise (given our loyal prices, delicious cuisine and friendly professional staff).

ресторан Анданте фотобанкетный ресторан Анданте

In our restaurant launches a new CAMPAIGNE:

"birthdays and the couple can't pay"

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скидка на банкет фото

 Our cozy restaurant banquet hall for celebrations can comfortably accommodate 10 to 50 guests. This will be enough space for dancing and a festive program. Only at the top of the room (on the podium) comfortably placed guests 30-36.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

The indisputable advantages of our restaurant in front of the other restaurants in the city are:

- To organize a banquet in the center of St. Petersburg (actually the city center, with a beautiful view out of the window);

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

- Close to the subway (5 minutes of pleasant walking);

- Bright, classic room;

- You can bring your own drinks without limitations free of charge;

- Projector and screen available;

- Light and music equipment free of charge, including dynamic lighting wall lighting with the possibility to choose the color;

ресторан для свадьбы фото  ресторан для свадьбы фото  ресторан для свадьбы фото

- Textile decoration (chair covers, table skirts, table cloths) is included in the price;

- Registration welcome buffet by our chefs for free (your fruits, caviar and tarts);

- Hall no lease for the entire holiday; 

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

- "Live" cuisine - all meals are prepared here, directly in the restaurant, and only for you. This is what differs banquet restaurant "Andante" from the banquet hall of the city, in which imported food (catering).

In organizing the celebration in the "Andante" You will find a bonus from the restaurant - a fountain drink on your celebration! Drink your. As a beverage recommend juice, juice or lemonade.

Fountain will decorate the welcome cocktail reception, which will be waiting for guests at the beginning of the holiday, as long as everyone is going to a dinner party.

ресторан Андантересторан Анданте

Given past experience, we recommend you pre-select and book a restaurant banquet hall for celebrations.

To get started, simply call us: verify the availability of a free choice, make it on the phone and drive up to the restaurant at a convenient time for you with a minimum earnest money (5000 rubles, is included in the value of the future payment banquet).

Learn about the availability of dates in the restaurant "Andante"

please call  or

ресторан для свадьбы фотоведущая певица Дарья фото

When looking for a banquet hall or a restaurant (whether it be a birthday, wedding, graduation or corporate in the restaurant) it does not make a mistake and choose a worthy place ?!
To get started is to shorten the list of places for a holiday. How to do it?! Create a list of criteria that are important to you!
1. Convenient location places: restaurant "Andante" is located near the metro station.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

2. View: perfect location of the restaurant regarding the city's attractions (the best view of St. Petersburg on the UNESCO version).
3. Kitchen: tasty and nourishing.
Our cuisine will not leave you indifferent! 

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

4. Personnel: the experience of organizing and holding celebrations.
Banquet hall of the restaurant "Andante" has a solid experience in organizing festive events, backed by a photo report and guest reviews on past events. Waiters Restaurant "Andante" - is our pride!
5. Terms of organizing and conducting festivals: planning a celebration on Friday or Saturday, please note that this is the most popular day for celebrations. Therefore it is necessary to pre-book a day of celebration.

ресторан Анданте фото

When choosing a restaurant, read customer reviews (and not only placed on the institution website, but also other resources) - here you can find a lot of useful information.

Come to us for a cup of coffee (tea) and warm spiritual atmosphere we will be able to discuss all organizational aspects of the upcoming holiday.


IMG_20140421_020632  DSC_0717  IMG_20140421_020743

A little history: Mytninskaya embankment - a small stretch of road between the bridge and the Exchange Kronverkskaya waterfront, where the river Neva Vasilevsky island is divided into small and large. The name "Mytninskaya promenade" granted May 15, 1882, by the court Mytnaya (Customs), is located between the waterfront and the prospectus Dobrolyubova.

Surrounds Restaurant historical part of the city of St. Petersburg, which started to be built since the founding of the city, and the beginning of XX century, almost completely built up. It is here that opened its doors Your restaurant banquet hall for a holiday in the heart of "Andante".

набережная перед рестораном фотонабережная перед рестораном Анданте фото


Restaurant Team "Andante" - our pride. This banquet managers, waiters and chefs with a long experience in the restaurant business and the experience of the events of various levels. Our waiters are working on the best banqueting venues in the city: The State Hermitage Museum, the Constitutional Court, the State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal" and many others, requiring highly skilled experts. Banquet service - our profession!

ресторан Анданте фотолучшие официанты на вашем празднике

Panoramic banquet hall of the restaurant is ideal for newlyweds and wedding restaurant: the city center with the best postcard views, close to the subway, convenient public parking for cars and buses. The restaurant is located within walking distance of the Wedding Palace №1 (20 minutes walk).

"Andante" - banquet hall at the pier: take the opportunity to admire the grandeur and beauty of our beautiful city, having made a pleasant boat trip on the boat to the entrance of a restaurant! Berth is located in front of the restaurant - forget about the urban traffic jams! Berth is and at the Wedding Palace №2 - from the registrar to the restaurant "with the wind"!

If necessary, we will arrange for you a small buffet on the boat, taking on the preparation, delivery and training.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан на набережной фото

A detailed proposal for the newlyweds and the approximate cost of renting ships (and yachts) can be found on our website under Weddings (click on the highlighted link).

In the dining room there are several variants of arrangement of tables:

- Presidium of the (central table) for 2-4 persons and two tables (left and right) for the guests - at such arrangement of tables we can place on the podium up to 30 guests;

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

- T-style seating (center table for two persons) - the opportunity to place on the podium up to 30 guests;

- For small companies in the 10-15-20 guests we recommend one large table;

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

- For the triumph of the organization more than 40 persons or more will be used the lower part of the hall;

- European seating (separate tables for guests 3-5 persons) - on the podium comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests;

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

In drawing up the festive evening menu, we will take into account all your wishes. Festive meals and snacks, our cook prepared just before the event, so the wishes of the guests (vegetarians, dieters, etc.) we can easily perform.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

You can bring unlimited drinks at no extra charge ("cork collection of" we do not have), as well as fruits and desserts. And all this without a banquet hall rental fee.

ресторан для свадьбы фоторесторан для свадьбы фото


We are pleased to offer for you and your guests to a banquet price which will surprise and delight you - a varied banquet menu from 1,200 rubles to 4,500 rubles per person with the possibility of adjusting and taking into account your culinary desires (whichever menu option, you can edit - replace salads, snacks, hot dishes, something clean, something added, etc.). Also, at any banquet menu option you can enable signature dish from the chef of the restaurant.

ресторан Андантересторан Анданте

The triumph in the "Andante" - a tasty holiday in the center of St. Petersburg. Meals prepared for you by our chefs, really delicious! Guys try - the appearance and design of the festive table will result in a gastronomic delight guests of the restaurant! Our chefs themselves baked roast beef and pork, salted fish, etc. With ready-made menu options can be found here, on the restaurant's website, in the section Banquet menu (click on the highlighted link).

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

All those wishing to celebrate the anniversary in the banquet hall of the "Andante" - this is an excellent opportunity to invite everyone to the restaurant for a holiday. Gather together at the same table all: family, relatives, friends and colleagues. The cozy atmosphere and hearty meal is guaranteed! A special arrangement of the restaurant regarding the city's attractions will make your holiday even more luxurious.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

A nice addition to any holiday will be live music in the restaurant featuring a charming vocalist restaurant "Andante" - branded music program. The cost of the program for 5000 rubles for 3 hours. The program starts at a convenient time for you.

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото


 The hall is set professional sound, lighting equipment and a projector with a large screen - all of these, if necessary, you can use!

ресторан Анданте фото

Banquet hall in the center of St. Petersburg "Andante" in a hurry to inform you:

  you have an opportunity to invite to a family celebration in the restaurant, even those guests who could not come to you. "How is that possible?" - You ask. Our restaurant hall is equipped with a projector and a big screen - we are happy to arrange for you to teleconference via Skype and the internet! You will be able to communicate real-time with your family and friends, who personally congratulate you on the screen!

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

 We also offer you to use the projector to show the photos on the big screen, slideshow or video. Guests love watching photos from the family archive - it will give the celebration a special tenderness and give warmth of your hearts to all those present. Species restaurant "Andante" disposes all the necessary equipment: we are all connected and configured - you will just have to bring photos and videos on the flash drive (disk).

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

And for the most cheerful and clockwork guests we connect to the projector, professional karaoke and then your holiday will take place under the cheerful songs and fiery dances - more than 10,000 songs for all tastes!


Restaurant "Andante" does not forget about his little guests: a separate comfortable lounge with sofas, which can be equipped with a home theater (projector, screen, selection of cartoons). Also for children a special children's banquet menu (click on the link to review).

нижняя часть2

Location of the restaurant in the center of St. Petersburg, Walking distance to the underground and a special layout of the hall make the "Andante" attractive for seminars and presentations. Organizing and conducting workshops - this is another service that the "Andante" is ready to provide its guests.

семинар в ресторане фото

Banquet dishes from Chef decorate your holiday table: sturgeon stuffed with salmon mousse and shrimp, homemade baked duck or suckling pig!

The cost of meals you will find in the banquet menu of our website, section

dishes from the chef (click on the highlighted link).

блюдо от шеф-повара индейка фаршированная фотоp1блюдо от шеф-повара поросёнок фаршированный фото

Bright room of the restaurant "Andante" is perfect for your event - if you want, we can make any color cast celebration. There is a cloth napkin (handbrake) white, green or bordeaux - you can choose the color of your celebration completely free! To emphasize the color of your celebration will light dynamic illumination of the walls (various colors and a variety of additional functions with a disco effect) - Exclusive, very nice and completely free!

юбилей 30 человек в ресторане

Separately want to mention the convenience of our furniture: high chairs with upholstered seat and back. Standard decoration textiles included in the price (chair covers, table skirts or white gold of your choice free of charge).


We will help you pick a good lead (your choice) from 12000 rubles per night (4-5 hours) or by the hour (from 3000 rubles per hour), organize an entertainment program with the participation of artists, invited a professional photographer (from 14000 rubles per 10-hour package or from 1500 rubles per hour). You can also invite your favorite proven leading or maybe lead your holiday will be your best friend - all necessary equipment restaurant disposes. Equipment can be rented (for your master, musicians).

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

The "Andante" You can invite to the feast of his master, artists, etc. is free.

We do not limit you to a time of celebration - there is always a possibility to extend the work of the restaurant after 23.00 hours (surcharge).

ресторан Андантелучший ведущий на вашем празднике

For you to see the desserts pastry making with partner discount from 5 to 10% of your holiday tea. Also, you can bring a cake or dessert with you!

ресторан Андантеторты на заказ от нашего шеф-кондитера фото

Do not forget about the possibility of organizing a beautiful fireworks on the waterfront, launching sky lanterns or balloons.

запуск небесных фонариков на набережной перед рестораном фотопраздничный салют в центре города фото

We will be glad to see you among our guests!


We hold celebrations every day from 11.00 to 23.00 hours.         


When ordering the event, do not forget to choose a gift from the restaurant:

- Branded music program with 50% discount (the "live" vocals), ie 5000 rubles in three hours;

- Professional sound equipment Restaurant (speakers, mixer, microphone) rent-free for the whole festive evening (for your host, DJ, or actors;

- Welcome reception with light refreshments (assorted types of canapes 2-3);

- Decoration of the hall with balloons (color of your choice);

Newlyweds will be interesting special gifts:

 - Ruddy wedding loaf;

- Decoration of the hall for the wedding (bows on chairs and decoration of the presidium) when ordering a banquet for an amount not less than 80 000 rubles;

ресторан Анданте фоторесторан Анданте фото

For the organization of the holiday in the restaurant "Andante" has everything you need:

- Musical equipment, microphone;

- Projector, screen and plasma;

- Lumiere;

- To you three-hour musical program "live vocal" for 5000 rubles (discount from the restaurant);

Remember that you can bring an unlimited amount of all drinks as well as fruit and dessert.

The restaurant hall is for you to rent-free until 23:00, then possibly extend the work by the hour.


Friends, we will be grateful for your feedback about our work, you can post on our website (click on link)!

Your opinion, your impressions, comments and suggestions are very important for us and for our future guests when choosing a restaurant for the holiday carefully read the reviews and comments of those who have entrusted us with the organization and carrying out of the celebration.

Sincerely, restaurant staff "Andante"


Dear guests, if you are of interest to date in the "Andante" is busy, we offer you an alternative - our second banquet restaurant "Lapland":

two spacious great room: Room "Country" to 60 persons:

ресторан Лапландия фоторесторан Лапландия фото

and classic, bright room up to 80 persons

ресторан Лапландия фоторесторан Лапландия фото

Restaurant Location: 5th Sovetskaya street, 44

Restaurant Website

Terms of organizing and conducting identical banquet.


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